And finally came the day when my sister is getting married. After five years she decided to spend rest of her life with her future husband, and I believe that they are made for each other. Preparations are under way slowly, wedding dress has reserved for a long time, hall is found, the band also. The wedding will be in purple and white combination and can not wait for that day, when I will together with my sister to look forward to, but I will cry with happiness also. We get along great, and I can not imagine a single day without our conversations. However, although it is wedding completely ready, I'm not at all! Only I found a dress and nothing else. I have quite a few problems with my long hair, and I have no idea what I'm going to do with my haircut. My hair is very brittle, dry, no refreshed. It looks like straw, peaks constantly break and I really feel helpless. I used various types of shampoos and unfortunately no one did not help. But, surfing on  the Internet I was looking for an appropriate shampoo to help me,  and I found a Best Clarifying Shampoo Guide which mentioned a clarifying shampoo that Neutrogena has. I decided to try it, though, because my favorite sister is getting married and I have to shine. I can not look shabby right? I went to the drugstore and buy it, I'm not even that interested in the price, but only to help to revive my hair. I found the required product, Neutrogena Anti - shampoo residue, and the price was around $ 7. Already after the first wash, I have to say that I have noticed improvement! This shampoo removes up to 90% of residues which are found on the hair, such as shampoos, waxes, gels and even styling products.  My hair was full of these things. Deeply cleanses the hair and thoroughly washed it, I really can  say that  for me and my hair has hope. Neutrogena-Anti-Residue-Shampoo But I use it once a week and then I will return my shampoo, because I do not want my hair to become dry again. This really works! And even on all hair types. Further use, my hair has become full of life, and thanks to this shampoo, my scalp is not irritated and it is deeply clean. Shampoo includes water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citric Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, which gives my hair swaying and shiny appearance without signs of bad look! Before I  apply it to the hair, I soak it with water and massage my hair very good. I leave it a few minutes and rinse it thoroughly, and if necessary, I repeat this procedure. I am thrilled with this product, I really can not believe I found that shampoo! Finally the day came and my sister's wedding, and I enthusiastically showed the guests how my hair is fluffy, soft and radiant! Hairstylist made me a great hairstyle that  re-emphasized the beauty of my hair, and from now on I'll just use Neutrogena Anti - Residue Shampoo, which I recommend to all women who have problems with hair.

Since the next project on which I will work is stop animation, I decided to explore the "world"  of stop-animation, and share with you the most important information. First of all, I mentioned that on this project inspired me numerous cartoons created  by stop animation, and one of them is a winner of Academy Award for animated short film "Harvie Krumpet" by Adam Elliot. Stop animation can be described as one of the oldest, but also the funniest animator techniques. So, what stop animation allows is the creation of virtual movement of  things that are fixed in reality. This effect is achieved so that the camera captures frame by frame of the object which only moved slightly, for each subsequent frame. It is enough only ten frames per second or 24 frames (for movies) to your and my eye deceived, and to inanimate and stationary object looked lively and movable.

The imperfection of human eye has enabled the creation of perfect creative industry within the world of animation, stop animation. I remember as a child at the edges of sheets of notebook, I  drew flowers in different positions, and then fast scrolling notebooks seemed to be moving flowers.There are different variations of stop-motion animation, and some of them are the "go-motion" and "pixilation". More about these techniques can be found on various websites, and I'll tell you just  that the techniques "go motion" visible inside the film "Dragonslayer" and "Back of Jedi", "a technique" pixilation "can be seen in the video "Sledgehammer ". So if I interested you in this, you can explore and familiarize with these techniques. With the advent of computer animation, stop animation is increasingly less represented, however, lot of people remained faithful to it.  For example, a studio which is still dealing with stop animation Aardman is known for animated film "Chicken Run". If this article has inspired you, and if you want to try out your skills within field of stop - animation, I recommend you MonkeyJam tool designed for creating stop animation. Second, let's call it "home" mode for beginners is achievable with the help of digital camera. Take a stationary object, take a picture, then move it a little and take another picture and so on.


Also, I must not leave out my idol Tim Burton. If you want to learn more about stop animation, read works of Tom Burton and surely you will collect a lot of new, high quality information. See animated films "James and the Giant Peach" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas ", of Tim Burton and you will be delighted as I am. He teaches you in a fantasy world, and unique creativity that you can not get enough of,  and that will certainly inspire you and motivate also. It can be concluded that the stop animation is simply interesting, fun and good to turn disappeared. Although, today is not used as much as before, but its immortality is not in question. Always was, and always will be those who will  stop animation inspired more than anything.